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Air Purifier And Dehumidifier, Which Is Better To Use?

Air Purifier And Dehumidifier, Which Is Better To Use?

No matter how clean your house is, microscopic dust particles, moths, smoke residues, and other particles in the air will always be there. Although the presence of these particles is common, they often cause discomfort in everyday life. Especially if you or a family member has allergies and respiratory problems. However, this problem can be overcome by placing an air purifier or garage dehumidifier in the room, which can clean and humidify the air in the room.

Air Purifier and Dehumidifier

However, what are the differences between the two devices and what are the advantages of each?

First, know the function of the device. Basically, air purifiers and dehumidifiers have a similar function, namely removing germs and allergens in the air. Air purifiers work by using a High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filter to capture dust particles and pollutants in the air. The fan in the air purifier draws air from the room and channels it through a series of filters, before flowing clean air back into the room.

Some models of air purifiers come with an ionization function, which uses electricity to charge ions in the air and trap more particles. Although good for dealing with allergies and respiratory problems, the ionization function produces ozone which can be harmful to health as well. Meanwhile, HEPA filters do not produce ozone.

The dehumidifier draws moisture, including mold and microbes from the air and stores it in the form of droplets into a container on the device, which is then removed manually. A dehumidifier does not clean the air and recirculates the air the way an air purifier does. In addition to being able to eliminate germs and moths, a dehumidifier also lowers the level of humidity in the room.






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– Dehumidifiers emit heat when in use
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Pros and Cons Garage Dehumidifier


  • Good hygrometer accuracy helps the unit work as it should when set to a desired humidity level
  • Excellent consumer reviews suggest good long term reliability
  • Good portability – one of the lighter 50 pint units we tested


  • Average performance
  • Only comes with a 1 year warranty

If you are allergic to animal dander, pollen, or other allergens, or if you smoke or live with smokers and have children, then an air purifier is for you. Meanwhile, a dehumidifier is more suitable for people who suffer from respiratory problems or have problems with moths and mold at home. In addition, if there is no exhaust fan in the bathroom to remove condensation after bathing, a dehumidifier can also be placed in the bathroom to prevent mold.

Besides being able to remove allergens, dust, smoke, and other pollutants, an air purifier can also remove odors, which is especially beneficial if you have pets. No matter how often we bathe them, clean their cages, and vacuum afterward, pets can start to smell a bit over time.

So instead of bathing your dog or cat every two days, let the air purifier do its job and remove odors. If you live near a busy main road or in a city, exhaust fumes, dirt, and pollution will enter your home.

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