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BougeRV Portable Air Conditioner: Stay Cool Anywhere With 2899BTU Cooling Power and Low Power Consumption – For Van Life, Camping Tent, Indoor And Outdoor

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Stay Cool Wherever Life Takes You: BougeRV Portable Air Conditioner – Your Ultimate Companion for Van Life, Camping Adventures, and Indoor Comfort!

Introducing the Take and Go: a compact A/C. This portable A/C unit allows you to quickly move from indoor to outdoor spaces, providing cooling exactly when and where you need it. Experience Coolness in Summer: With a powerful Panasonic compressor built-in, this portable A/C unit offers quick cooling within 15 seconds, ensuring efficient cooling for spaces up to 54 sq. ft (5 square meters). It is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping in a tent, RV, van, or trailer.

Enjoy Peaceful Nights: The A/C unit operates at a noise level lower than 50 dB, ensuring uninterrupted sleep even when used at night. You can rest peacefully, knowing your cooling needs are being resolved without disturbance.

Achieve Serene Sleep with Quiet Air Conditioning: Experience Peaceful Nights with Noise Levels Below 50 dB

Personalized Comfort: The Take and Go A/C unit features two modes, Cooling and Fan Mode, and three different fan speeds ranging from soothing-soft to storm-strong. This allows you to easily customize your comfort with just the touch of a button on the control panel.

Flexibility in Airflow: Equipped with dual exhaust venting tubes, the Take and Go A/C unit offers adjustable airflow angles ranging from 30, 60, and 90 to 180 degrees. This ensures that no matter the indoor or outdoor setting, you can achieve the desired cooling effect in every possible life situation.

Enhance Your Comfort with the Take and Go A/C: Adjustable Airflow Angles for Any Space

Long-lasting Warranty and Support: With an 18-month product warranty and lifetime technical support, BougeRV stands behind the quality of the Take and Go A/C unit. The brand’s customer service team is ready to help you with any product issues. Please contact BougeRV Online Customer Service with your order number if you have any questions.

Key Features: Exceptional Performance with Panasonic Compressor

BougeRV product boasts a state-of-the-art Panasonic compressor, guaranteeing superior quality and unrivaled performance. No more tedious installation work is required, making it incredibly convenient. The compact size ensures easy portability, allowing you to carry it effortlessly.

Effortless Control and Versatile Power Supply Portable A/C

Featuring a user-friendly control panel, operating our air conditioner is a breeze. You can adjust the settings to your desired comfort level with a simple touch. Additionally, this product can be effortlessly connected to any AC power supply ranging from 100 to 220 volts, thanks to the included 360W AC adapter.

Unleash Outdoor Convenience Air Conditioning

Even when you find yourself outdoors, staying cool is now within reach. BougieRV air conditioner can be easily connected to a portable power station or generator, ensuring you remain comfortable wherever your adventures take you. However, please refrain from using car batteries or power inverters, as they can drain your battery or cause fuses to blow.

Enhance Your Cool Outdoor Experience with Suggested Accessories

To optimize your experience, BougeRV recommends you invest in additional accessories that complement our air conditioner. The top suggestions include the BougeRV 1100Wh Power Station, offering an impressive 4.5 hours of continuous running time (to learn more, search “B09PFNHKDK” on Amazon). Additionally, for those looking to organize their car space efficiently, the BougeRV EVA Foam Board is a perfect choice (to find out more, search “B0BGHSK6GW” on Amazon).

Upgrade your cooling game with this exceptional A/C product, engineered to surpass competing brands. Enjoy unbeatable performance, effortless control, and unmatched convenience. Take charge of your comfort today!

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