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Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Donaldson Torit DF II with Spun-Bonded Polyester Cartridge Dust Collector Filters

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The Benefits of Using Washable Cartridge Dust Collector Filters for Donaldson Torit DF II

All products are significant Replacements or Equivalent and are unassociated with the manufacture of the initial device. Part numbers are for cross-.

Bluefin 100% Spun Bonded Polyester filters are premium spun bonded polyester materials. This product is mainly created for back pulse operations and provides boost and structural stability. All spun bond filters are dimpled pleated.

This aftermarket replacement for collector designs consists of Torit Model Downflow II or DFT 2, AerTable (Round Access Cover), CX, Downdraft Bench 2000 and 3000, Uniwash/Polaris Intercept Dust Collectors, and lots of producers of that used the same size filter. Confirm your present dust collector measurements before purchasing.

Improved and Savings with Cartridge Filters for

Height = 26″, Outside Diameter = 13.87″, Diameter = 9.479″, Style = Open on both ends, Gasket = .5″ x .5″ Molded Natural on End, Pleat Count = 355, Pleat Depth = 2″, Pleat Spacing = Pleat lock.

Filtration Area = Sq. Ft., Media = 100% Spun Bonded Polyester, Inner Cage = Galvanized broadened metal 72% open, Outer Cage = Galvanized broadened metal 72% open, End Caps = Galvanized Metal, pleat/end cap bonding = Urethane.

Nominal airflow per filter = 500 CFM, Nominal resistance – 1″ w.g., Efficiency = 99% @ .5 microns, Max operating temperature = 180 deg. F. 100% Spun Bonded Polyester material is and multiple-use.

It likewise tends to be flexible if wet in the airstream. The spun-Bonded Polyester material is a surface area loading item rather than a depth loading item. As a result, it can manage the same airflow per filter in most cases at a more excellent -to-cloth ratio.

100 % Spun Bond Polyester
Made in the USA
Media = 100% Spun Bonded Polyester
Size = 13.84″ OD x 26″ Long, ID = 9.479″; Open Both Ends with Gasket on one End
For Downflow II Dust Collectors and other designs, See Part # P191133-016-431, P191526-016-436.

= Galvanized End Caps, No liner – artificial bands for pleat stabilization
Filter Area = 150 SQ FT per cartridge.


Reviews on Amazon

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