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Choose the Perfect Dehumidifier with Pump for Your Large Basement and Rooms: 4500 Sq.Ft Coverage, 50 Pints, Water Tank, Washable Air Filter, and Energy Star Certified

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Top Dehumidifiers for Basements and Large Rooms with Pump: Efficiently Remove Excess Moisture and Improve Air Quality

Introducing the DuraComfort Intelligent Dehumidifier with Pump, designed for large rooms up to 4,500 sq. ft (420 square meters). This high-performing dehumidifier removes up to 50 pints (28 liters) of moisture daily, keeping your space in the most comfortable humidity range.


With the convenient phone APP control, you can adjust the humidity settings from virtually anywhere, creating your desired environment without interrupting your busy routine. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and enjoy a hassle-free dehumidification experience.

Transform Your Humidity Control Experience with the Power of Phone APP Control: Say Goodbye to Manual Adjustments and Embrace a Hassle-Free Dehumidification Journey

Equipped with a 16.4 feet drain tube and an internal pump, this dehumidifier automatically removes collected water, eliminating the need for constant monitoring and emptying of a water bucket. Experience the freedom of hands-free operation and enhance your comfort.

Not only does this dehumidifier perform exceptionally well, but it is also . With its Energy Star certification, it consumes less power, resulting in significant savings on your electricity bill compared to non-certified models.


Controlling the dehumidifier with the user-friendly digital control panel and LED display is a breeze. Quickly adjust the humidity level and take advantage of additional features such as the 24-hour timer, fan mode, and continuous draining for convenience.

Choose the Perfect Dehumidifier with Easy and Convenient Control Features

Moving this dehumidifier with 360° rotatable wheels and ergonomic handles is effortless. Whether you need it in your basement, office, bathroom, garage, or any other large room, transport it easily and position it wherever you desire. The removable water tank with a comfort-grip handle makes emptying a breeze.

Choose your ideal moisture setting, the desired mode, and let the dehumidifier do the work. It will automatically shut off once the tank is full, providing peace of mind and ensuring efficient operation.

Discover the Ultimate Home Comfort: DuraComfort Intelligent Dehumidifier with Pump

Experience exceptional performance, advanced control, and unmatched convenience with the DuraComfort Intelligent Dehumidifier with Pump. Say goodbye to excessive moisture and hello to a comfortable living environment.

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