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Climactic Comfort: Discovering the Auto Climate Control of the Vornado Velocity 5 Heater

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Elevate the sophistication of your home heating with the Vornado Velocity 5. As the latest achievement in the Velocity Tuned HeatSeries, this sleek and stylish delivers hotter heat, moves faster, and reaches further than ever before.

The modern exterior exudes elegance and represents the style and advanced technology that the Velocity 5 offers. With its perfect auto-climate control temperature, your home will be heated with style and efficiency. to outdated heaters and elevate your home with the sleek and sophisticated Vornado Velocity 5.

Heating your Home with Style: The Sleek and Sophisticated Vornado Velocity 5

Welcome to Velocity 5, the ultimate achievement of the Velocity Tuned HeatSeries! It's designed to take you on a journey to new heights, with hotter heat that moves faster and goes further than ever before. The sleek, modern exterior represents the enhanced style that maintains the perfect auto-climate control temperature.


With the Velocity 5, you get the whole package – complete room heat, two heat settings, and a fan to keep everyone in the room comfortable while remaining cool. The bedtime mode ensures you can sleep soundly by turning off all non-essential lights on the enhanced LED display. Safety is paramount, and the Velocity 5 delivers features like topple security, an auto shut-off, and auto-locking controls on that front.

Safety First: the Advanced Safety Features of the Vornado Velocity 5 Space Heater

ACHIEVE GREATER PERFORMANCE – With Velocity Tuned Heat. Velocity 5 empowers you with a new of heat. Its specially designed aerodynamics move more air faster and farther, delivering an enhanced heating experience. And, although it produces a bit more sound, about 10 decibels more than a standard Vornado heating , it's worth it for its increased performance.

Stay Cozy and Safe with the Vornado Velocity 5 Space Heater

EXPERIENCE SAFE HEATING – Velocity 5's advanced security features provide peace of mind to enjoy its superior performance without worry. Its cool-touch case, tip-over security, locking controls, and automatic safety shut-off and comfort. So, experience the warmth of Velocity 5 with confidence.


Effortless Heating with Vornado Velocity 5 Space Heater's Timer Feature

EMBRACE HEATING – With the of LED touch controls, you can easily select from two peaceful heat settings (Low/750W, High/1500W), a fan-only option, a 1-12 hour -saving timer, and bedtime mode.

EXPERIENCE SMART CLIMATE CONTROL – Trust in the intelligence of this heater to determine just much heat and airflow is needed to maintain your desired temperature. It automatically makes adjustments, so you can relax without worrying. Let this heater be your guide to ultimate comfort and energy efficiency.

Revolutionizing Room Heating: Vornado Velocity 5 with Auto Climate Control

EXCEPTIONAL – When you choose a Vornado heating unit, you invest in superior performance and design that will bring you complete joy. And if you need it for any reason, rest assured that they will replace it for up to 5 years. You have the unwavering support of a customer service team based in Andover, KS, dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

This heating unit has been built to meet U.S. voltage standards, and it is certified, safety-tested, and guaranteed for use only in the United States. Customers can Trust Velocity's commitment to providing you with the best and service possible.


Can A Space Heater Heat A Whole Room?

When searching for the best space heater for a whole room, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, it's essential to determine if a space heater can heat an entire room. While some may claim to do so, it ultimately depends on the size of the room and the power of the heater. However, there are certainly options available that are designed specifically for heating larger spaces.


For example, infrared heaters are known for distributing heat evenly throughout a room, making them an excellent choice for those looking to heat a whole space. Another important consideration is the wattage of the heater. Generally, the higher the wattage, the more influential the heater and the larger the area it can effectively heat.

Many experts recommend looking for a space heater with at least 1500 watts for heating a whole room. Ultimately, the best space heater for an entire room depends on your needs and preferences. It's important to research different models and read from other users.



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