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The Science of Sizing: Compact Dehumidification with Hisense 35-Pint 2-Speed Dehumidifier


Optimizing the Dehumidification Process: Hisense 35-Pint 2-Speed dehumidifier

You’re alone if you feel like you’re a sauna during the summer. The heat and humidity are unbearable. It’s time to get your back with a dehumidifier. This compact design easily fits any room, and our low sound makes it perfect for any home or office.


This energy star-certified 2-speed dehumidifier silently gathers water into the slide-out internal pail or can discharge the water by linking a garden hosepipe (not consisted of) through the side of the cabinet.

Reliable and environmentally friendly. This dehumidifier can run temperature levels as low as 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additional Functions

Additional functions consist of an adjustable humidistat and full-tank alert/shutoff —compact size for smaller areas, simple to relocate between spaces. In addition, a low sound airflow ensures quiet operation, attaining a 49dB(A) noise level on the low setting.


Easy-carry folding management. Operates temperature levels as low as 38°F. Bucket full indication prevents overruns and lets you understand to empty the container.

Removable, Washable

The indication lets you understand when to wash your air filter, reducing germs and smells.

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