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99.9% Effective: How Instant Air Purifiers Combat Infections and Smoke – How Large Room Air Purifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality


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The Ultimate Defense: Instant Air Purifiers as the Frontline Against Germs and Pollutants

Multifunctional Instant (Levoit) Air are the air cleaners on the market remarkably evaluated to reduce the effects of air-borne pathogens. Use triple protection HEPA-13 filters to capture and eliminate ultrafine particles from the air, including dust, dander, and others.


Filters likewise consist of triggered granular carbon to aid cleaning and a patented finishing to capture and the filter to work better.

Multipurpose Air Purifiers: A to Their Additional Functions and Benefits

Confirmed to in minutes – and constantly for up to 5x per hour. Intelligent particle sensing units supply 24/7 defense by continuously tracking and reporting , enabling Auto to adjust fan speed; when the air is tidy, Eco Mode allows up to 50% reduction.


Night Mode senses space lighting immediately dims and minimizes sound to whisper quiet levels.

Instant Air Purifiers are created to fit flawlessly in any space – inside and outside the house – with your décor in mind.

Three unique designs are desired for tiny, medium, and large-sized spaces. The AP100 is validated to cleanse the air in an area of 136 sqft 5x per hour; the AP200 is created for rooms of 328 sqft, and the AP300 is for spaces of roughly 419 sqft.

Removes And Smoke

Advanced 3-in-1 records 99.97% of smoke, dust, pollen, family pet dander, smells, and other ultrafine pollutants.


3-in-1 purification (HEPA-13, Activated Carbon, finishing) ion innovation work together so you breathe easier.

24/7 Air Quality Monitoring

The intelligent sensing tracks air quality 24/7 and changes fan speed in Auto Mode to make the air in your house cleaner.

Prevents Bacterial Growth

3-in-1 purification consists of an included antimicrobial covering securing the filter.

In Minutes

AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) confirmed that air filters in a location of 388 sqft 5x per hour (4 listed below) or up to 1,850 sqft 1x per hour.


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