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Introducing the Streamlight MicroStream USB Flashlight: The Ultimate Lighting Solution for Every Need

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Are you tired of carrying bulky flashlights that never provide enough light? Look no further – the Streamlight MicroStream® USB Flashlight, the lighting solution designed specifically for your needs. With its and beam, this flashlight will become your go-to tool for all lighting needs.

Whether you're camping, working in dark spaces, or needing a light source in emergencies, the has you covered. Get ready to experience the convenience and reliability of this incredible lighting companion – the flashlight that works for you, providing optimal brightness and . Say goodbye to flickering and dim lights and say hello to the ultimate lighting solution that is guaranteed to meet all your needs.

Introducing the Streamlight MicroStream USB Flashlight: The Ultimate Lighting Solution for Every Need


Do you need a compact, that easily fit in your pocket or be clipped to your hat? Look no further than the Streamlight MicroStream USB Flashlight. This ultra-compact device is the perfect lighting solution for . Whether navigating through the dark, working on a project, or needing a handy light source, the MicroStream USB Flashlight has got you covered. Let's look at its features and why it's the ultimate lighting solution.

The MicroStream USB: A Compact and Convenient Flashlight

The MicroStream USB is Streamlight's USB rechargeable version of their popular pocket light. It's designed to be small enough to carry wherever you go, ensuring you always have a reliable light source. Made from durable and abrasion-resistant anodized aluminum, this flashlight is built to withstand the test of time and the rigors of everyday use.


Hands-Free Use with a Removable Clip

One of the standout features of the MicroStream USB is its removable clip. This clip allows you to attach the flashlight to the visor of your hat, making it perfect for hands-free use. Whether you're out camping, working on a DIY project, or need both hands-free, this feature is convenient.

Adjustable Light Levels for Battery Conservation

The MicroStream USB comes with an adjustable light level feature. It initially turns on at a low level to conserve battery life, ensuring you can rely on the flashlight for an extended period. However, with a simple double tap of the switch, you can change the light to a high level when you need maximum brightness. This versatility allows you to adapt the light output to your specific needs.

Convenient USB Rechargeability

Gone are the days of constantly replacing batteries. The MicroStream USB features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be conveniently charged using a USB cable. Plug it into a power source, and your flashlight will be ready in no time. The flashlight also includes a battery charge indicator, with a red light indicating charging and a green light indicating a fully charged battery.

Small Size, Powerful Performance

Don't be deceived by its size; the MicroStream USB packs a powerful performance. Despite its , the flashlight emits an intense, focused beam of light, ensuring ample . Its small size makes it the perfect flashlight that won't weigh you down or take up valuable pocket space.


Multiple Versions to Suit Your Needs

The MicroStream USB is available in two color options: black and coyote. The black version comes on a low level initially, while the coyote version comes on high. However, a double switch tap can easily change both versions to the opposite level. Additionally, the light can be locked at the desired level, preventing accidental changes in brightness during use.

Trust in Streamlight's

Streamlight has been a trusted name in lighting solutions for over 45 years. With a reputation for reliability, durability, and innovation, Streamlight consistently delivers high-quality products that meet the needs of professionals and everyday users alike. The MicroStream USB is no exception, reflecting Streamlight's commitment to excellence.

Learn More and Join the Streamlight Community

For more information about the MicroStream USB and other durable lighting products, visit Explore their wide range of flashlights, headlamps, and accessories to find the perfect solution for your lighting needs. Join the #StreamlightStrong family on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to connect with other users, share experiences, and stay updated with the latest Streamlight news and innovations.


  1. How long does the MicroStream USB battery last? Answer: The MicroStream USB battery is known for its impressive longevity. On average, this portable power source can last up to several hours before needing a recharge. This fantastic battery life makes it ideal for individuals who rely heavily on electronic devices throughout the day. Whether for powering up smartphones, tablets, or other USB-compatible gadgets, the MicroStream USB battery provides a reliable and long-lasting energy source. Its compact and lightweight design also allows for convenient portability, ensuring that users can comfortably carry it wherever they go. Overall, the MicroStream USB battery offers an exceptional battery life that guarantees a constant power supply for extended periods, making it a highly sought-after accessory in today's digital era.
  2. Can the MicroStream USB be charged while on the go? Answer: Yes, the MicroStream USB can be charged on the go. The portable flashlight has a built-in USB port that allows it to be charged with various options, including wall chargers, computers, or power banks. This flexibility lets users quickly charge the MicroStream USB while on the go, making it convenient for outdoor activities, travel, or emergencies. Additionally, the flashlight is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for carrying in a backpack or pocket while ensuring it is always ready for use. Overall, the ability to charge the MicroStream USB on the go adds functionality and makes it a reliable and convenient tool.
  3. Is the MicroStream USB flashlight waterproof? Answer: The MicroStream USB flashlight is not advertised as being waterproof. Its main feature is its compact and portable design and its powerful output for its size. However, it comes with a durable, anodized aluminum construction that provides protection against and moisture. It has a high impact resistance and an O-ring seal to dust and dirt from entering the flashlight. While it can withstand some splashes of water or light rain, it is not recommended to submerge it or use it underwater. Therefore, if you are looking for a flashlight designed explicitly for water-related activities or extreme conditions, it would be wise to consider other options that offer a higher level of waterproofing.
  4. Can the MicroStream USB be used in extreme temperatures? Answer: The MicroStream USB is a high-quality, portable flashlight designed to withstand various environmental conditions. However, it is essential to exercise caution regarding extreme temperatures. The manufacturer states that the flashlight can operate within a temperature range of -20 to 40 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for most everyday use. However, it may not perform optimally in extremely hot or cold temperatures. The electronics inside the flashlight may be affected, leading to decreased brightness or overall performance. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid exposing the MicroStream USB to extreme temperatures and use it within the specified temperature range for optimal and long-lasting performance.
  5. Does Streamlight offer a warranty for the MicroStream USB? Answer: Yes, Streamlight provides a warranty for the MicroStream USB. Streamlight's Limited Lifetime Warranty backs this compact and lightweight flashlight. This warranty guarantees that the MicroStream USB will be free from defects in material and craft for the original owner's lifetime. If the flashlight malfunctions or fails due to a manufacturing or material defect, Streamlight will repair, replace, or refund the product at its discretion. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, abuse, or alterations to the flashlight. Overall, Streamlight's warranty for the MicroStream USB provides customers with peace of mind and assurance in the quality and durability of their product.



In conclusion, the Streamlight MicroStream USB Flashlight is the ultimate lighting solution for every need. Its compact size, USB rechargeability, adjustable light levels, and durable construction make it a versatile and reliable companion.

Whether camping, working, or needing a handy light source, the MicroStream USB covers you. Trust in StreaStreamlight's experience and join the Streamlight community to experience the power and convenience of this exceptional flashlight.


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