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Johnson Controls Wall Mount Humidity Element Transmitter with Silicon Temperature Sensor

Johnson Wall Mount Humidity Element Transmitter

The Johnson’s he-67xx Series humidity gadgets home both a humidity and a temperature level sensing unit in a wall or duct-mount design. The humidity sensing unit is capable of measuring relative humidity (RH) over the whole variety of 0 to 100 percent, and its all-polymer building offers enhanced resistance to chemical rust.

The truer item line adequately provides gadgets with RH precision of either +/-2 percent or +/-3 percent RH. Made in the United States. Manufactured by Johnson Controls.

Truer circuitry and calibration strategies for which patent is pending.
All-polymer humidity sensing unit trademarked picking up component supplies precise and trusted humidity noticing.

Tested and adjusted with devices licensed to be in compliance with the nationwide institute of requirements and innovation(nist) standards.

2 percent rh precise HE-67S3-0N0BT consists of test and calibration devices certificate of calibration conformance. Humidity and temperature level sensing units in one system removes the requirement for different sensing units and decreases setup expenses.

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