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Experience the Ultimate in Air Purification: LEVOIT’s Large Room Air Purifiers


item imageLEVOIT, a trusted brand in the purifying industry, has taken a giant leap forward with its most potent air purifier yet. This advanced revolutionizes indoor air quality by detecting and effectively removing even the most minor impurities.

With improved innovation, this air purifier provides a simple, clean air solution throughout your home. Say goodbye to dust, allergens, and other pollutants, as LEVOIT's powerful air purifier offers thorough and efficient filtration. Breathe easier with LEVOIT's powerful air purifier, a juggernaut that will transform the air in any .

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LEVOIT'S One Of  The Most Powerful Air Purifier – Revolutionize Your Indoor Air Quality

LEVOIT'S  ONE OF THE MOST MOST POWERFUL AIR PURIFIER: A juggernaut cleansing your air in any space. It scans the impurities and utilizes improved innovation to your air cleaner than ever, a simple service for entire home filtration.


TESTED CADR FOR ULTRA-LARGE ROOMS: VortexAir Technology 3.0 allows the Core 600 S to indoor air blood circulation and cleanse 1,588 ² areas 2x per hour (CADR: 410 CFM/ 697 m ³/ h). It's fantastic for open layouts and high-ceiling homes.

Bigger Is Better: Why LEVOIT Air Purifiers are Perfect for Large Spaces

H13 TRUE HEPA FILTRATION: 3-stage purification, consisting of an H13 Filter with HEPASmart Technology, attains a much better filtration impact than typical HEPA of lower quality, catching a minimum of 99.97% of air-borne particles 0.3 microns in size.

Genuine Levoit Filters: Use real Levoit replacement parts to preserve the best efficiency (Search for Core 600 S-RF or B09 MK89 TXN). Off-brand filters are irregular, undependable, and might harm the air cleaner.


Powerful : How LEVOIT's Air Purifiers Cover Up to 1588 Sq. Feet

QUIET DAYS, PEACEFUL NIGHTS: QuietKEAP Technology offers optimum with microscopic sound levels as low as 26 dB. The Light Sensor shuts off display screen lights when it finds darkness, so you can constantly sleep peacefully.

SENSITIVE AUTO : Levoit's unique AirSight Plus Technology is twice as precise as an infrared laser, discovering particles to 0.3 microns in size. Switch On Auto Mode, and the air cleaner will instantly the fan setting for you and upgrade the screen to keep you notified.


Levoit Air Purifiers: The Ideal Solution for Improved Indoor Air Quality in Large Homes

SMART AND : Fully manage the Core 600 S and monitor your air quality with a tap in the complimentary VeSync app! Through VeSync, you can link to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and offer the air cleanser voice commands while your hands are complete – state the word!

SAVE ENERGY, SAVE MONEY: The optimal power of this air cleanser is just 49 W – much lower than other wide-coverage air . In addition, ECO Auto Mode immediately switches off the fan speed when the air quality is “Very Good” to save energy.

FULLY CERTIFIED FOR SAFETY: At Levoit, we make your household's our leading concern. Therefore, the Core 600 S is ETL noted and FCC, CARB, and Energy Star licensed.



Reviews on Amazon


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