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LEVOIT Air Purifier For Large Room – Smart WiFi And H13 True HEPA Filter Purifier – Air Purifier For Pet And Allergies


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Maximizing indoor air quality is essential for maintaining a healthy living environment, especially in large rooms where air pollutants can easily accumulate. The Levoit Air Purifier is a highly effective solution for this issue. This device is designed to efficiently purify the air in large spaces, removing many pollutants such as dust, allergens, smoke, and pet dander.

The Levoit Air Purifier also features a high-efficiency activated carbon filter that eliminates odors and harmful gases. Using this air purifier can significantly improve the air quality in your home or office, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and creating a more comfortable and healthier environment. The Levoit Air Purifier ensures cleaner air and contributes to overall well-being.

Maximizing Your Indoor Air Quality: The Benefits of Using the Levoit Air Purifier in Large Rooms

Look no further for the best-performing, most durable, and most economical air purifier on the market! You won’t need to battle low-cost, inefficient, and phony “HEPA” Air cleansers.

From the intuitive app with its wide variety of performances to the acclaimed streamlined style, the Core 400S is challenging to beat and filters your area in minutes.


Large purification area + 360° air intake—a perfect choice for your living room, playroom, or bedroom! The practical VortexAir innovation brings air in from 360 degrees, which is why it can cleanse your 1005 sqft area two times an hour and 403 sqft area five times an hour!

H13 True HEPA Filtration: Ease sneezing, blockage, and other allergic reactions triggered by pollen, mold, and more. High-efficiency activated Carbon Filter to secure you from wildfire smoke and different smells!

Levoit Air Purifier Reviews

Filtered Bliss: Discovering the Benefits of Levoit Air Purifiers for Large Rooms and Allergy Sufferers

Sensitive auto mode – set it and forget it! With unique AirSight Plus Technology-internal lasers that measure air quality, immediately change the fan speed appropriately and provide real-time readings for you. In addition, it checks out the air — so it can tidy the air!


Convenient intelligent control—anytime, anywhere! The free VeSync app allows you to control air cleanser settings, check filter life, develop schedules, and more—from anywhere—at work, at play, out for the night, or anywhere else.

Enjoy hands-free control- just one word! Connect the air cleanser to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to provide the air cleanser voice commands when your hands are complete with meal prepping.

Cleaner Air, Happier Home: A Deep Dive into Levoit Air Purifiers for Pet Owners and Allergy Sufferers

Operates in total silence — whisper quiet! You hardly understand it’s on. So often you have to check the screen to be sure — it’s that peaceful! SLEEP, much better; breath, much better; LIVE, much better!

Save Energy – Save Money!

LEVOIT genuinely understands the significance of energy conservation. Hence, the optimum power of this cleanser is just 38W – you invest less than 12 cents a day — 5 years of continuous usage <$ 470 (Electricity Bill + Filter upkeep cost) – It’s a genuine deal!

Designed in California — treat you like family! An air cleanser is no longer a “nice-to-have”… it’s a “must-have” house home appliance — air cleansers are more popular than ever. However, they’re not all produced equivalent! The Core 400S is FULLY CERTIFIED AND SAFE — Feel complimentary to contact Levoit’s expert Customer Support Team if you have any concerns.

Genuine Levoit Filters: Only use real Levoit replacement parts to maximize efficiency (Search for Core 400S-RF or B08SQQK6K7). Off-brand filters are irregular, undependable, and might damage the air cleaner.


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