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Air Purifiers Are They Worth It? Article – Introducing SEAVON 35oz Dehumidifier for Home 2600 Cubic Feet Quiet Dehumidifier Portable Small Dehumidifiers for Bedroom Bathroom Basements Closet

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Air purifiers are they worth it?

Definitely yes would be the answer. There are a lot of reasons, and they all have to do with the fact that the problem of people who suffer from asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions. These people may be discomforted by the particles of dust or pollen.

For them air purifiers are necessary, as a main form of protection of indoor air pollution. Air purifiers are great useful tools in your fight with direct irritant sources or materials in your own home environment.

One should not ignore the air purifiers when one designs modern indoor ventilation or filtration systems. They offer a very good environmental control and reduce exposure dust, dander, smoke, pollen particles and many others particles that may be found indoors or outside your home. Air purifiers have different shapes and various designs.

They can be: air cleaners, air filters and HEPA filters, and they play an important part in the reduction and elimination of the danger of exposure to indoor and outdoor allergens. Usually, the air purifiers are chosen in accordance with the pollution sources and the quality filtration you want to get.

Before going and buying such a device, you should think about what exactly you want for your home. You should not forget that choosing the wrong type of filtration system can lead to an exacerbation of the problem by agitating and circulating the particulate matter in your house throughout the place.

You should not consider the air purifiers systems a complete solution for any respiratory condition you may have. Using an air purifier should not make you ignore medical advice and guidance that can lead to the removal of the irritant sources and allergen habitats in your house.

At the same time, they are not a substitute for thorough and regular cleaning of the air.

However, they can help you to diminish the number of air particles and to maintain a healthier environment inside your house.

Introducing: SEAVON Dehumidifier – Product Description

Odoland Camping Cookware Stove Carabiner Canister Stand Tripod and Stainless Steel Cupdehumidifierdehumidifier

portable dehumidifierportable dehumidifier

SEAVON 35oz Dehumidifiers for Home, 2600 Cubic Feet – Quiet Dehumidifier – Portable Small Dehumidifiers for Bedroom Bathroom Basements Closet RV

What can SEAVON Dehumidifiers do for You?

  1. Remove excess moisture in a small space. Effectively adjust air humidity.
  2. Reduce moisture growth and the prevalence of other contaminants that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.
  3. Eradicate Condensation of your windows, reduce your walls staining, discoloring, and even peeling.
  4. Keep clothes, bedding dry and clean by removing excess water from the air.
  5. Provide a suitable humidity for plant growth.
  6. Specifications Water tank: 1000ml (35ounce) Low noise: 30-39dB Size: 6.3×6.3×10 inches Humidity is 45%RH-90%RH Temperature is 59℉-104℉ Area recommends: 40 ft² – 280.5 ft²


dehumidifier smalldehumidifier small

dehumidifier for bathroomdehumidifier for bathroom

dehumidifiers dehumidifiers

  1. Intelligent – Two Working Mode
  2. High Speed: You could choose it working on the day. Fast and effective dehumidification.
  3. Low Speed: You could choose it working at night. Brings you no bother or noises during the operation of the machine.
  4. Security – Auto Shut Off
  5. The dehumidifier shuts off automatically and will flash with red light when the water tank reaches between 700ml- 800ml that protects from the risk of overflow.
  6. Romantic Design – Colorful LED Light

If you like a single color, you can lock a color.

If you like multiple colors, you can set the light to change automatically.

If you think the light is too bright, you can turn off the LED light.

dehumidifier for bedroomdehumidifier for bedroom

rv dehumidifier rv dehumidifier

quiet dehumidifierquiet dehumidifier

Portable & Easy to Clean

Built in handle and easy to carry and relocate. This dehumidifier designed with a dust-proof net, which can block dust and bring fresh air. The dust-proof net is easy to disassemble and clean.

35oz Capacity

Compared with other small dehumidifiers on the market, our dehumidifier has a larger water tank in similar products, so you don’t need to empty the tank frequently.

Ultra Quiet Dehumidifier

The Dehumidifier uses ultra-Quiet Peltier tech to remove water in the air. Allowing you to run it all day and night without any loud or disturbing noises, suitable for bedrooms and offices.

dehumidifiers for homedehumidifiers for home

Some Tips:

The small dehumidification performance is affected by many factors, such as environmental humidity, temperature, space size, airflow speed(windows or door closed or not) and so on.

Operating temperature: The optimum room temperature is 59℉-104℉(15℃-40℃ ). If the air temperature is <59℉ (15 ℃), the effect of dehumidification is not obvious, and it will not work <41°F(5℃).

Operating humidity: The optimum room humidity is 45%RH-80%RH, temperature ≥ 68℉(20 ℃). If the humidity is <80%RH, the dehumidifier usually does not remove 450ml a day.

Keep the air inlets and air outlets free from being blocked when the dehumidifier is working. Check the environmental humidity and temperature met basic requirements.

Floor Area
30 Pint/2000, Sq. ft 5000ubic Feet (510 sq. ft) 3200 Cubic Feet (290 sq ft) 2500 Cubic Feet(280 sq ft) 2200 Cubic Feet(220 sq ft) 200 Cubic Feet (205 sq ft)

Drain Hose

➤【HIGH EFFICIENT DEHUMIDIFICATION】SEAVON portable dehumidifier with 35oz(1000ml) capacity tank extracts up to 16oz(450ml) of water daily in a humid environment of 86°F and 80% RH. The dehumidifier is suitable for the bathroom. Keep moisture below 45%, powerful efficiency for removing the moisture in the air.
➤【COLORFUL NIGHT LIGHTS & AUTO SHUT OFF】Our electric dehumidifier has 7 changing lights (which could be set steady on), this bedroom dehumidifier creates a sweet and romantic sleeping atmosphere for you. Auto Shut Off function to prevent the water from overflowing. It is also very safe and convenient to use when you are not at home.
➤【TWO WORKING MODES & ULTRA QUIET】The dehumidifier designed with high speed and low speed that meet all kinds of dehumidification requirements of different people. You can freely switch between 2 modes. The low-speed mode is super quiet, with a considerate 30dB whisper-quiet operation and sleep mode, suitable for bedrooms and offices.
➤【SPACE SAVING & PORTABLE】This small dehumidifier has a cylindrical design and small size(6.3×6.3×10 inches). Perfect for control humidity in your home, such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, basement, garage, closet. Note: The optimal operating temperature of the dehumidifier is 59-104℉. It will not work below 41℉.
➤【CREATE HEALTHY & COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT】According to research, if the moisture in the air above 50% can breed uncomfortable or other health problems. Dehumidifier will start work when the humidity more than 45%, it collects moisture and releases fresh air, providing you a healthy and comfortable environment.
➤【PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE & WARRANTY】SEAVON dehumidifiers offer 60 days free exchange and refund service and TWO-YEAR warranty. We provide lifetime customer service and tech support. Questions will be responded within 24 working hours.

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