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Superior Air Conditioners Types And Their Advantages

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Superior air conditioners types and their Advantages

Nothing comforts than the brisk breeze from the vent of an air conditioner on a hot summer afternoon. With an air conditioner you can comfortably beat the heat and there is absolutely no specific need to worry about the warm weather outside. More efficient models of air conditioners are coming into the market every day that is energy saving and user friendly. If we look at the working of an air conditioner, it is elegantly comprehensible.

The moisture from the warm air

When warm air passes through the coils of an air conditioner, the moisture from the warm air will be removed and this, in turn, reduces the humidity of the place and makes it cool. The moisture separated condenses on the cold coils and is drained out of the air conditioner.

Various types of air conditioners

There in common are various types of air conditioners such as portable, through the wall, window, packaged terminal, ductless or mini-split and central air-conditioning. The through-the-wall and window types work in an analogous manner, but the key position of the air conditioner in the room differs.

The window type is installed in the room window whereas the through the wall type is fitted by causing a gap in the wall. The portable type provides more flexibility as it can be moved from place to place. In the Ductless type, the air handler is kept inside the room, and the compressor is kept outside. Packaged terminal air conditioners enclose  cooling and heating units and are set up through the wall. Air-conditioning units not only cools the air, they also dehumidify and filters the air.

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