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Sweet Dreams With Small Air Purifier: How Can the Air Purifier with Sleep Mode Improve Your Sleep Quality?

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Faster Circulation for Maximum Coverage: The Advantages of a 360° Intake Purifier

Air Circulation Rate Full Coverage: The air purifier’s design features 360° air intake, which provides faster air circulation to refresh the air in your room. The refresh rate is five times higher than a regular air purifier. With a large filtration area, it can cover a space of up to 302 sq. ft (30 square meters).

A Family Night-Time Sanctuary: 24 dB Air Purifier for Deep, Restful Sleep

Nighttime Sleep Mode: This air purifier operates at the lowest noise level of 24 dB, making it ideal for creating a relaxing and peaceful indoor environment, perfect for deep sleep. This air purifier is designed for large household spaces and features low-intensity lighting, ensuring sound sleep without discomfort for individuals, especially mothers, infants, and children who require extra care.

Portable Air Purifier: An Essential Tool for Healthy

A conveniently portable air purifier is designed to provide fresh air wherever you go. It is suitable for use in your workplace, space, bedroom, and even traveling. You may need an adapter to power it up in travel. This little air cleaner is an essential tool for maintaining a healthy life. To ensure optimal performance, cleaning and maintaining the air purifier regularly is recommended. The LED power light turns red as a reminder to change the filter, which has a lifespan of approximately three months.


• 360° air intake, 5x faster air circulation to refresh a room of up to 302 sq. ft (30 square meters)
• Low noise level of 24 dB
• Low-intensity lighting for comfortable sleep
• Portable design suitable for home, workplace, bedrooms, and travel
• LED power light turns red when the filter needs to be changed (filter lifespan of approx. 3 months)
• Regular cleaning/maintenance recommended to ensure optimal performance


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