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Take Control of Your Air Quality: Airthings 2960 View Plus

Welcome to intelligent ⁤ monitoring with the Airthings 2960 View Plus. As someone‍ constantly conscious about⁢ the air you breathe, you'll be thrilled that this battery-operated monitor takes monitoring to a whole new . With seven air​ quality sensors, including always-on radon detection, this device gives you ⁤a comprehensive understanding⁣ of what's in the air you're breathing‍ at home.

Let's dive into this‍ review and see ⁢what makes this product a must-have for any⁢ household.

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Experience Clean and Healthy Air ‍with the Airthings 2960 View Plus:⁢ An Overview

Are you looking for an effective way to improve the air quality in your home? Look ‌no further than the Airthings 2960 View Plus! This comprehensive, -connected air quality monitor has seven sensors ​that provide⁣ a complete picture of what's in the air you breathe.⁢ radon to⁣ PM 2.5,⁢ CO2, VOCs, humidity, temperature, and air pressure, this monitor has got you covered.

One of the⁣ standout features of the Airthings 2960 View Plus⁣ is its always-on radon detection. Radon is a toxic that can cause lung cancer, and this monitor uses passive diffusion chamber sampling‍ with​ alpha spectrometry detection to provide accurate and reliable readings. This is crucial ⁢in helping ‌you identify if ​your home has a radon gas problem that needs to be addressed. With​ this ⁣monitor, you can also track the concentrations of fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) and ⁢airborne chemicals (VOCs) ⁢in your home.

This is especially helpful ‍for those ⁢living in areas affected by city pollution or wildfires. And with its real-time tracking ⁢of CO2 levels, you can optimize ⁣the airflow in‍ your home and‍ decrease virus transmission risk. Plus, its‌ easy setup and cable-free design make it ​a convenient addition ⁢to ‍any ⁣room. Trust the Airthings​ 2960 View Plus ⁢to provide accurate and continuous air⁤ quality monitoring, giving ⁣you the peace of mind you deserve.

Discover the Advanced ⁢Features of the ⁤Airthings ‍2960 View Plus: A Detailed Look

Are you⁣ concerned about the air ‌quality in your‍ home and want to have peace of mind? Look no further than the Airthings 2960 View Plus ⁣- Battery​ Powered Radon &​ Air Quality Monitor. This comprehensive, WiFi-connected monitor features seven sensors to give you a detailed look at the air you breathe. Let's​ take a closer look at the advanced features of⁤ this fantastic product.

The Airthings 2960⁣ View Plus features always-on radon detection, making ⁢it the‍ perfect tool for⁢ identifying​ potential radon gas‍ problems in your home. Radon is⁢ known to be the ​number ⁤one cause of lung⁢ cancer among non-smokers, making this feature⁤ essential for your health and . In addition to ⁤radon detection, this monitor tracks other pollutants such as delicate particulate matter ‌(PM ‍2.5),‍ CO2, VOCs, humidity, ​temperature, and air pressure.⁢

With real-time tracking, ⁢you can‌ easily‍ monitor and make adjustments to improve the ‌air quality in your home. The Airthings app also offers helpful tips and local pollen forecasts so you can take control of your air health. Plus, with a five-year warranty, you can trust ⁤the accuracy and reliability ⁣of this digital radon detector. Take control of your ​ with the Airthings 2960 View Plus and breathe easier at home.

In-Depth Insights: How the Airthings ‌2960 View Plus Monitors Radon⁤ and Air Quality

Are you concerned about the⁢ air quality in your home?⁢ Look no further than the Airthings 2960 View Plus. With its comprehensive WiFi connection and battery-operated system, this air quality monitor provides‍ in-depth insights into your home's air. One of the most ‍essential features⁤ of⁤ the Airthings 2960 View Plus is its always-on radon detection.

Radon is ​harmful and the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. With this monitor, you can ​stay informed about any​ potential radon gas problems in your home and‌ take necessary action to fix them. The digital‌ radon detector uses​ reliable and accurate alpha spectrometry detection, giving ‌you peace of mind about the air you breathe.

In‌ addition to radon, this powerful monitor tracks other⁤ pollutants and contaminants, such ⁢as PM2.5, (CO2), VOCs, humidity, temperature, and ⁤air⁢ pressure. With this information at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions about your home's air quality. The Airthings you to check live data ⁣and receive timely notifications, as well as analyze trends over time. ⁣And⁤ with its easy-to-use and cable-free ⁣setup, the Airthings 2960 ‌View Plus is a must-have ​for any home looking to improve and maintain its air quality.

Why You Should ‌Invest‌ in the Airthings 2960 View ​Plus: Top Recommendations

1. Experience Peace ⁢of Mind with the Airthings 2960 View Plus. With the Airthings 2960⁤ View Plus, indoor air quality monitor, you can finally have a clear picture of what ‌you and your loved ones are breathing in your home

This comprehensive, WiFi-connected monitor​ has seven ⁢air quality sensors that provide ⁣accurate and reliable readings.​ From radon detection to tracking ⁢delicate particulate matter, ⁣VOCs, CO2 levels, ​and more, this monitor has covered you.

But what sets the Airthings 2960 View ⁣Plus apart from other ‌air quality monitors ⁢on the ⁣market? Firstly, it ⁢boasts an always-on radon detection⁢ feature, helping you identify if there is a potential radon gas problem in your home. This is​ crucial because radon is⁤ the‌ leading cause of ⁤lung‍ cancer⁤ among non-smokers, and this monitor can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that you⁣ and your family are safe.

Additionally, the Airthings 2960 View Plus is backed by 15 years of experience in indoor radon ⁢and air⁣ quality monitoring, making it‍ a⁣ trusted and​ reliable choice for over⁤ 1 million users. Plus, with‌ continuous monitoring​ and ‌real-time notifications, you⁣ can ​stay⁤ informed about any changes in your⁢ home's air quality and⁤ take proactive steps to improve it. ​With a customizable eInk screen, you can effortlessly view ⁤your air quality data without complicated setup processes.

2. Achieve Optimal Air Quality with Multi-Room Monitoring Investing in the Airthings ⁢2960⁣ View Plus also means investing in your overall health and ⁢well-being.

This monitor's ability to track levels of airborne chemicals,⁤ humidity, temperature, and air pressure means you⁤ can gain a comprehensive understanding of your home's air​ quality. You can even connect multiple Airthings air quality monitors in your home, allowing​ you to‍ monitor and‍ in numerous simultaneously. Living in areas affected by pollution and wildfires can be concerning. Still, with the Airthings 2960 View Plus, you can⁣ control your ⁣indoor air quality⁣ and minimize the risks of .

The‌ Airthings app also provides local pollen forecasts,‌ helping you plan your outdoor activities accordingly. Additionally, this battery-powered​ monitor is cable-free, making it‍ easy to place and set up anywhere in your home. With an extended five-year warranty ​option, you can rest assured that your ⁢investment in the Airthings⁣ 2960 View ‍Plus​ will provide ⁣ long-lasting and accurate⁣ air quality monitoring. So‍ why ​wait? Take control of indoor air quality today with the Airthings 2960 View Plus.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Here's a breakdown of the main points:

  1. Most‍ customers‌ agree that the Airthings 2960 ‌View Plus is ⁤the best on ‌the market, offering a good array of‍ sensors⁣ for its ‌price. ‍Many also reported having a positive experience with the company's customer service​ and responsiveness.
  2. One customer mentioned that they were not influenced by any financial or other⁢ considerations⁢ for their review⁢ and had no connection to ‍the company. This is important to note as‌ it adds credibility to their positive ‌product review.
  3. Several customers also mentioned ‌that they chose‍ to purchase the Airth Ings 2960 View ⁣Plus specifically for its radon detection capabilities​ and were happy ⁣with ⁤the accuracy and consistency.
  4. Some customers did report having difficulty⁤ setting up the device, citing issues with connecting to their⁣ WiFi network ⁣or ⁣with‌ the app.
  5. A few customers also mentioned that ‍they were disappointed with the battery life of the⁤ device, ⁢stating that it needed to​ be replaced more ‍frequently than expected.
  6. Some customers had issues‌ with the accuracy of the⁢ humidity and temperature sensors, stating that they were not‌ always consistent with ‍other devices.

Overall, the ‌Airthings 2960 View ⁣Plus seems well-received by​ customers, with many praising its ​accuracy, features, and customer ⁣service. However, ⁤there were also some reported issues with setup, battery life, ​and accuracy. ⁤

Pros & Cons


  1. Comprehensive air quality monitoring: The Airthings 2960​ View Plus has seven air​ quality sensors, providing⁤ a comprehensive view⁤ of what's in the air you breathe ⁤at⁢ home.
  2. Always-on radon detection: Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among​ non-smokers and can be a hidden danger​ in homes. With the ​View Plus, you can have peace of mind with continuous radon detection and early warning if‍ levels become dangerous.
  3. Reliable and accurate readings: The digital radon ​detector uses passive diffusion chamber sampling ⁢with alpha spectrometry detection, ensuring accurate and reliable readings.
  4. Trusted brand: Airthings ⁢has over ‌15 years of ⁣experience in​ indoor radon and air‍ quality monitoring, and its ⁢intelligent monitors have been used and trusted by over​ 1,000,000 users.
  5. Continuous monitoring ​and notifications: The View ‍Plus allows you to check your air ‌quality data in⁣ real-time and receive timely notifications wherever you‌ are, so you can track⁢ pollutants and contaminants ⁣before they become a problem.
  6. User-friendly ⁢app: The Airthings app is free and provides current air quality readings‌ and data analysis over time. It also offers tips and⁢ recommendations to improve ⁣your air quality and even has a local ⁢pollen forecast feature.
  7. Five-year warranty: By registering for the free extended warranty,⁢ you can increase your standard product warranty to five years, giving you ‍added peace ⁣of mind and confidence in your purchase.
  8. Easy⁤ to use and cable-free:​ The ⁣View Plus is quick and easy to set up and does not require ‌cables, allowing for ⁤placement anywhere​ in your home. Its understated design also makes it visually appealing.
  9. Multi-room ‌monitoring: The View Plus can connect⁣ directly ⁢with other Airthings air quality monitors in ‌your home, making it an excellent solution for⁢ monitoring air quality ⁢in⁣ multiple‍ rooms.


  1. Expensive: The ⁣Airthings 2960 View Plus is offered at a higher‌ price than other air quality monitors on the market.
  2. Requires batteries: The⁣ monitor runs on six AA batteries, which may need to be replaced ​periodically, adding to the overall cost.
  3. Limited operating temperature: The View Plus can only operate in​ temperatures between 4 to 40°C / 39 to 104°F, which may not ⁣be suitable ⁤for‌ all climates.
  4. Limited sensor types: While the View Plus offers a comprehensive range of sensors, other air quality monitors may have additional sensors for more specific pollutants.
  5. It may not be suitable for every home: Depending on your home's and ⁢layout, you may⁢ need multiple View‌ Plus monitors for accurate readings in different rooms.

Overall, ⁣the Airthings 2960 View⁤ Plus is a high-quality and reliable ⁢air-quality monitor with comprehensive features. While it may come​ at⁤ a higher cost, the peace of ‌mind and timely‍ notifications it provides make it a worthwhile investment for those looking to take control of their air quality.


Question: What is the‌ Airthings 2960 View​ Plus, and what does it do? Answer: The Airthings 2960 View ​Plus is a comprehensive, WiFi-connected,‌ battery-operated indoor air quality monitor that measures radon, ​PM, CO2, VOC, humidity, temperature, and air pressure. It ‌helps you and control the air ‌quality in your home ​by providing real-time data and notifications, allowing you to track trends over ​time‍ and make necessary improvements.

Embrace a‌ New⁤ Era

Congratulations on ‌taking control of your air quality with​ the Airthings 2960 View Plus! With its​ seven sensors and always-on radon ⁤detection, this comprehensive ‌indoor air quality ‍monitor gives ⁣you the big picture ‍of what's⁢ in the air you breathe at ‍home.

But it's not just about knowing what's in the air – it's​ about taking action to improve it. With‍ the Airthings‌ app,​ you can ⁤track ⁣your air quality in real time ⁣and receive helpful‍ tips for making your home ⁤a healthier and safer environment. And with the optional five-year warranty, you can​ trust in ⁤the accuracy‌ and reliability of this radon detector. Don't ⁢wait for a problem; be proactive and get your Airthings 2960 ‌View Plus today.⁢ Click here to ⁣order now and take the first step towards better air quality in your home.

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