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Unleashing the Power of the Sun: The Benefits of the GRECELL 100W Solar Panel

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The GRECELL 100W Portable Solar Panel is designed to provide convenient and reliable power for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether camping, hiking, or traveling in your RV, this foldable solar charger is essential for keeping your generator running and your high-efficiency battery charged. With 20V solar cells and an MC-4 connector, it’s easy to connect and start reaping the benefits of solar power.

Its high efficiency ensures consistent and dependable electricity for all your devices, making it a must-have for any outdoor adventure. Don’t let a lack of power hold you back from enjoying the great outdoors – bring along the GRECELL 100W Solar Panel and stay charged wherever you go.

Portable Power for Outdoor Enthusiasts: The GRECELL 100W Solar Panel

The GRECELL 100W Portable Solar Panel is ideal for powering your generator and charging your high-efficiency battery while on outdoor camping or recreational vehicle trips. This foldable solar charger features 20V solar cells and an MC-4 connector for easy and quick connection. Its high efficiency provides reliable and consistent power to your devices, making it a must-have for outdoor adventures.


HIGH CONVERSION EFFICIENCY: The GRECELL product utilizes a carefully chosen selection of monocrystalline solar panels to efficiently convert sunlight into electrical energy, producing approximately 100W and 20V of portable power. These solar panels are designed to capture the most reliable sunlight, with an impressive 23.5% efficiency rate.

Additionally, this product features an integrated intelligent chip that recognizes your device and optimizes its charging speed while protecting it from overcharging and strain. This technology provides more energy and a longer lifecycle than traditional polycrystalline photovoltaic panels, ensuring quality and performance.

Stay Charged on the Go with the GRECELL 100W Foldable Solar Charger

Foldable & Portable Solar Panel designed to promote mobility and convenience. This 100W solar battery charger boasts a lightweight, bifold design and an integrated zippered device pouch. The panel features two bundled kickstands that allow easy placement on any flat surface, giving you an instant charge from the sun.

Additionally, enhanced grommets offer extra mounting and tie-down capabilities, enabling you to secure it to your recreational vehicle or camping tent. When folded, it resembles a briefcase, making it easy to transport without taking up much space.

Maximizing efficiency with the GRECELL 100W Portable Solar Panel

You can increase your power output by integrating two panels. GRECELL 100W photovoltaic panel is designed to support both series and parallel connections, enabling you to expand your photovoltaic panel system to meet your specific requirements. By matching your photovoltaic panel with another, you can double your power output and reduce charging times for portable power stations. Matching panels is a straightforward process involving an MC4 Y linking cable.


This solar battery charger is designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments and provide adequate power charging solutions. The durable, water-resistant Oxford fabric construction is reinforced with a highly resilient lamination layer, enhancing cell efficiency and extending the life span of the 20V camping photovoltaic panel.

The charger is dust- and heat-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, picnics, caravan, RV, boat, and unforeseen power outages. In addition, its reliability ensures that you can always rely on it when you need it most.




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