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Upgrade Your Network with Cable Matters Keystone Jacks: An Overview

Hey there, ⁤fellow tech enthusiasts! Are you tired of struggling with bulky and heavy keystone​ jacks during network installations? Well, look no further because⁢ here is just the product for you: the UL Listed 50-Pack‌ RJ45 ⁤Keystone Jack, Cat6 , and it is ‌a game changer.

This ​and ⁢lightweight keystone⁣ jack not only saves ⁢your hands muscle ⁣strain but also ensures a fast and reliable‍ network with its impressive 10 Gigabit ⁤Ethernet Cat6 performance. So, let's ⁤dive into all the features and ‌benefits of this must-have tool⁣ for any IT toolkit. Trust this: you don't want to miss out on this .

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An Essential Addition for Your Network: A Comprehensive Overview of the Cable Matters Cat6‍ Keystone ⁣Jacks

Are you‌ looking for a reliable and efficient way⁤ to future-proof your network? Look​ no further than the Cable Matters Cat6 Keystone Jacks. This 50-pack of UL-listed keystone ​jacks in Blue is the perfect addition to your network, providing 10⁣ Gigabit⁣ Ethernet performance ⁣and compatibility with 10/100 Ethernet. With ​its compact‍ and ⁤, it is ⁣a ‍must-have for your IT toolkit.

The Cable⁢ Matters ⁢Cat6 Keystone ‌Jacks are high-performing and incredibly easy to‍ use. The ⁤included keystone punch-down stand eliminates⁢ the strain on⁤ your hands from cable termination and ‍makes the process faster and safer. These heavy-duty⁣ jacks are designed to fit patch , wall plates, or surface mount boxes with standard keystone ⁣blank‌ openings⁣ and accept 23‌ and 24 AWG unshielded twisted pair‍ cables. The dual IDC terminals also accept 110 or⁤ Krone impact tools for added convenience.⁤

Upgrade your network ⁢with these Cat6 Keystone Jacks and⁣ enjoy a fast and reliable connection.

Stand Out with Superior Quality: The​ Top Features of the Cable Matters‍ Keystone Jacks

Regarding networking, having reliable and ‌high-quality equipment is ‌crucial for a seamless connection. That's where Cable Matters Keystone Jacks come‌ in.⁤ With their exceptional performance, superior construction, ‌and‌ convenient features, ⁣these RJ45 Keystone Jacks will impress. First and foremost, these keystone jacks stand out for their durability and versatility.

Made⁣ with  ‌robust and ​fire-retardant housing and gold-plated⁢ RJ45 contacts, these jacks are built to last and provide a secure connection. They are also ‍ with ​23 and 24 AWG‌ unshielded‌ twisted ⁣pair cables, making⁢ them suitable for ⁢various networking⁣ needs. But what sets them apart is ‍including a keystone jack punch-down stand. This innovative tool takes​ the strain ‌off your hands during cable termination, making the process easier and safer. Plus, with its compact and lightweight‌ design, it ⁤can easily be stored ‌in your‌ IT toolkit for convenience.

In terms⁢ of performance, these keystone jacks have got you⁣ covered. ⁣They meet⁣ or exceed Category 6 ‌standards, ensuring fast and reliable network speeds up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. ​They also support  ⁢T568A and T568B‌ wiring, with ​color-coded labels and‍ dual IDC terminals for easy and accurate termination. All in⁣ all, with its‌ top-notch quality and convenient features, ‌the⁣ Cable Matters Keystone Jacks are a must-have for any networking setup.

And with‌ a 50-pack option, you can rest assured that you are getting excellent value‌ for your money. So why settle for less ⁤when you can stand out with superior quality? Upgrade your networking game with Cable Matters.

Expert​ Insights: Gaining a Deeper Understanding of the Cable Matters ⁣Keystone‌ Jacks

It is compact and lightweight, ‌making it easy to store in⁢ your‌ IT toolkit. With the Cable Matters keystone jacks, you can enjoy 10 Gigabit Ethernet‍ performance,‍ future-proofing your network for years. Plus, they ‍are backward compatible with 10/100 Ethernet, ensuring compatibility ⁤with existing⁣ equipment. Don't sacrifice quality for cost ⁤with the Cable Matters Keystone⁣ Jacks. These UL-listed ‌jacks comply with the⁤ ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-C.2 standard ​and offer Category 6-rated⁢ performance, ensuring a fast and ⁤reliable network connection.

The T568A and T568B color-coded labels make wiring a breeze,⁤ and the dual IDC terminals accept both 110 and Krone ​impact tools, providing cable strain relief. With the cost-effective 50-pack, you'll ⁣have plenty of jacks for all your⁤ networking⁢ needs.

The pack includes a keystone‍ jack punch-down stand for even easier installation, eliminating the need for additional ​tools. Invest⁣ in the heavy-duty construction of the‍ Cable Matters Keystone Jacks, featuring impact-resistant and fire-retardant housing, gold-plated RJ45 contacts, ​dual IDC covers, and a snap-in retaining ‌clip for a secure connection. to weak, unreliable connections and​ upgrade to the ‌Cable Matters Keystone ⁢Jacks for‌ a seamless networking experience.

The Ultimate Must-Have: Why You‍ Should Choose the Cable Matters Keystone Punch-Down ‍Stand

With its ⁤multi-position ⁢keystone jack holder, this stand allows you to work with various cables without ⁢strain on ⁢your hands. Its‍ compact and lightweight design makes it the perfect addition⁢ to your IT⁢ toolkit, as it can ⁤easily ​be stored and carried around whenever ‌needed. In addition to⁤ its ergonomic benefits, the⁣ Cable Matters Keystone ⁣Punch-Down Stand offers‍ top-notch performance.

The‍ UL Listed⁢ 50-Pack RJ45 Keystone Jacks in Blue included in ‌this⁣ set provides 10 Gigabit Ethernet Cat ⁤6 ⁣performance, ensuring your⁢ network is future-proofed. These jacks meet the ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-C.2 standard and are backward compatible with 10/100 Ethernet. T568A and T568B color-coded labels allow‌ for⁢ easy identification and installation. The dual IDC terminals accept 110 ‍and Krone impact tools, ​providing cable ​strain relief ⁣for a secure⁤ connection.

Not only does this product come with a 50-pack of high-quality keystone modules, but it also includes a keystone jack ⁢punch-down⁣ stand at ⁣a cost-effective price. This stand offers ⁤a​ tool-free 90-degree termination option, making the termination process even more convenient and . The heavy-duty construction of ⁢the stand and⁤ the keystone jacks ensures durability‌ and reliability. ⁣With gold-plated RJ45⁣ contacts, fire-retardant housing, and dual‍ IDC covers,‌ this product is built to last. ⁣Don't wait any longer; get your Cable Matters Keystone Punch-Down Stand and⁢ upgrade your network connectivity today.

Customer‍ Reviews ⁣Analysis

This section will look closer at ⁣customer ‍reviews for ‌the Cable Matters UL Listed 50-Pack RJ45 Keystone Jack Cat6 Keystone Jacks in Blue. This⁤ product has received many positive⁤ reviews ⁣from satisfied customers, praising its performance and ease of use. Let's dive in⁣ and​ ⁣ what​ customers say about this​ product. Firstly, many ‌customers have noted the reliability of these keystone jacks.

One customer ordered two 50-pack boxes ⁤and⁤ used most of them without experiencing any ​failures. They⁤ also mentioned using a good‌ line tester to test the jacks and receiving great results. This speaks to the quality of the‍ product and its ability to⁢ deliver on its promises. Another aspect that customers appreciate ‍is the included ‌Punch-Down ‍Stand. ‍Many customers found this tool extremely helpful‍ in stabilizing⁤ the connector and making the punching-down process easier.⁢ This is especially when ‌a hard surface is not readily⁢ available to hold the connector.

Using ⁤the stand and holding the ⁢connector in ⁣ hand proved‍ successful for many customers. Many customers recommended using the Krone type when it comes to punch-down tools. According‍ to customers, the Krone design, with angled contact slots, is more effective than ⁤the 110 design with 90-degree⁣ contact slots. This information can be helpful for those looking⁣ to improve their network setup.

Customers ⁣also shared their installation .‍ One customer described pulling‍ the internal cord in​ the cable until it was a little longer than the ‌jack and removing⁢ the jacket to fit the ⁢center core. They explained that this helps with strain‌ relief and‌ keeps the wires separated ⁤inside ⁣the jack. This‍ attention ‌to detail may require extra steps, ⁢but ⁢it has resulted in successful connections for many customers. Some​ customers also‍ mentioned using these keystone jacks for⁣ years without experiencing any faulty⁤ connections. This speaks to the durability of ‍the product and the care taken ​in its construction. Customers‌ also⁢ noted that the wires stick nicely into the‍ grooves, making them‍ less likely to pop out, which can be a common issue with ‍other brands.

Another ⁢ data cabling contractor customer shared​ their experience⁤ with network jacks and brands. They ⁤have used thousands of jacks from​ various brands and decided to try ‍the Cable​ Matters jacks at a ‍lower ‍price point. They were⁢ pleasantly surprised by the quality and had no issues with ​the 200 ‌jacks they​ used. This highlights the value of the money ⁤that‍ these keystone jacks provide.

Customers have had⁣ positive experiences ⁤with the Cable Matters UL Listed ‌50-Pack RJ45 ⁣Keystone Jack Cat6 Keystone Jacks in Blue. They appreciate the reliability, ease of use, and the included ​punch-down stand. ⁤The tips⁤ and suggestions from customers ‍can‌ also benefit those looking to⁢ improve ⁢their network setup. ‌Overall, these keystone jacks have received ⁢many ‌satisfied customers⁣ and are a good option for anyone needing ⁢reliable and ‌ network connectors.⁣

Pros ‍&‌ Cons


  1. Save hands from muscle​ strain: The Cable‍ Matters Keystone Jacks have a ​multi-position⁢ holder that helps  ⁤ease hand fatigue during installation.
  2. Compact and lightweight: The keystone jack ​holder is compact and⁣ lightweight, making it easy to carry and store ⁤in your IT toolkit.
  3. Future-proof​ your network: These ⁣keystone jacks offer 10 Gigabit ‍Ethernet performance, making it⁤ an excellent ⁤investment for future network upgrades.
  4. Easy ‌termination: The keystone jack punch-down stand included in the 50-pack makes cable termination easier‍ and safer,⁣ whether you use an impact tool ⁤or opt for tool-free 90-degree termination.
  5. UL Listed⁣ and Cat6 rated: ​The Cable Matters Keystone Jacks⁤ are UL listed (E486099) and offer Cat6-rated performance, ensuring a fast and reliable network ‍connection.
  6. Supports T568A and T568B wiring:⁢ These keystone jacks‍ support ‍T568A and⁤ T568B wiring, giving you the flexibility to use⁤ your preferred wiring method.
  7. Dual⁢ IDC terminals: The⁣ dual IDC‍ terminals are designed to accept 110 ⁢or ⁣Krone impact tools and ‍provide cable strain ⁢relief, ‍making the installation process smoother.
  8. Cost-effective 50-pack: The 50-pack of keystone jacks ‍is cost-effective for larger network projects, saving  ‍time‌ and money.
  9. Heavy-duty⁤ construction:​ The keystone ⁢jacks have impact-resistant and fire-retardant housing,​ gold-plated RJ45 contacts, ‍and dual IDC covers for a secure ‍and durable‍ connection.
  10. Versatile⁢ compatibility: These ⁣keystone ‌jacks can be ‍used with patch panels, wall plates, or surface mount boxes with standard ⁣keystone blank openings, making them suitable for various network​ setups.


  1. May not be suitable for smaller projects: While the 50-pack option makes⁣ it more⁤ cost-effective, it⁣ may ‍not be the ‍ choice⁣ for smaller network projects.
  2. May require​ additional ‍tools: ​While the keystone jack punch-down stand⁤ makes cable termination easier, an impact​ tool may ⁢be needed⁣ for a more secure termination.
  3. Only ‌compatible with unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable: These keystone ​jacks are not designed for shielded cables, ‌limiting their versatility⁣ in specific⁤ network setups.


Q: How many Keystone Jacks are included‌ in the pack? A: There are 50 Keystone Jacks included in the‍ pack. This is a cost-effective⁣ option​ for those who need to upgrade​ their‌ network ‍with multiple jacks.

Q: What makes the Cable Matters‍ Keystone Jacks stand out from other options? A: The Cable Matters Keystone Jacks have a multi-position holder to save ⁣your hands ⁢from muscle strain. They are also compact ⁢and lightweight, making them⁢ easy to store in your IT toolkit.

Q: Can these Keystone Jacks support 10 Gigabit⁣ Ethernet? A: These Keystone Jacks can have 10 Gigabit Ethernet performance, making ⁤them ⁢an excellent option for ⁤future-proofing your ⁣network. They are also backward compatible⁢ with‌ 10/100 ‌Ethernet.

Q: Are they easy to install? A: Yes,​ these Keystone Jacks ⁢are designed for easy⁢ installation. The included keystone jack punch-down stand makes termination easier​ and safer, ⁤and⁤ the dual IDC ⁢terminals ​are compatible with 110 ⁢or⁤ Krone impact‍ tools.

Q: Are these Keystone Jacks reliable? A:⁢ Absolutely. They meet or exceed ‍Category ‌6 performance​ standards in compliance with the‌ ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-C.2 standard. They also have gold-plated RJ45 contacts, dual IDC covers, and a snap-in retaining clip for a secure‌ connection.

Q:⁢ Will⁢ these​ Keystone Jacks fit my ⁣existing setup? A: ⁢These Keystone ⁢Jacks are designed⁣ to fit patch panels, wall ‍plates, or surface mount boxes with standard Keystone ⁢blank openings. They also accept 23‍ and⁢ 24 ‍AWG unshielded twisted ⁣pair (UTP) cables.

Q: Are the Cable ⁤Matters Keystone Jacks UL ⁤Listed? A: These Keystone Jacks are UL-listed (E486099) and have T568A and T568B color-coded labels for ​easy wiring.

Unleash Your True Potential

Thank ⁤you⁢ for⁤ reading this article about the Cable Matters UL Listed 50-Pack RJ45 Keystone Jack! We hope this post has helped you‌ understand the benefits of upgrading​ your network⁤ with these keystone jacks.​ From⁤ saving your hands from muscle strain to providing reliable 10 Gigabit ⁢Ethernet performance, this product has ⁣all the features you need to future-proof your network.

But don't just‌ take our word ​for it; try it out for yourself! Click​ on the link below‌ to get your hands​ on⁣ the Cable Matters keystone ‌jacks and start improving your network⁤ today. Upgrade Your Network with Cable⁣ Matters​ Keystone Jacks: ‍ With its compact‌ and lightweight design, multi-position holder, and compatibility with various networking tools,⁢ the Cable Matters keystone jacks are a must-have for any IT toolkit. Don't⁢ miss ⁢this ​opportunity to improve your network's‌ performance and . Order yours now and experience the difference!

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